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StableTable® Classic™ at Spisehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

Table Tops

We offer two unique lines of table tops, StableTable® OnTop™ in  Natural Wood or Compact Laminate. 

Beyond this, our table bases work with any tabletop, across a large range of sizes - offering our customers full flexibility!

Compact Laminate Table Tops
- In and Outdoor Use

A range of 12 mm thick compact laminate tops, weather and UV-proof for in- or outdoor usage. Double laminated for the same finish on top and underneath and with colour matched edges - for an air of exclusivity and authenticity. All tops come fitted with double threaded inserts for StableTable® bases and are available in several different sizes and shapes.


They come in two series; Smooth and with NaturalFeel™. Smooth is available in White, Light Grey, Dark Gray and Black. Moreover, we offer our smooth table tops in any colour on request.


NaturalFeel™ is our own unique range of HPL tops with textured surface that imitates the feel of the real material. Available in Vintage Wood, Slate, Concrete, Tarred Wood, Brown Wood, White Wood, Teak, Wenge, Corten, White Marble, Empire Marble, Sandy Grey Marble and Armani Mauve Marble.

Compact Laminate Table Tops with Natural Feel

Compact Laminate Table Tops with Smooth Surface

Natural Woods
Table Tops

- Indoor Use

A unique range of highest quality wooden table tops for indoor usage carefully selected to create an exclusive ambience. Ranging from 30mm to 40mm thick and available in most common sizes. 

The Barrique range is produced from reclaimed original wine barrels. This range has a slightly uneven surface created by the shape of the original staves from the barrique and comes with a beautiful, natural variation in colour, stains and markings from use in wine production. The barrique table top is only available as round with a 55cm diameter given the natural format of wine barrels. 

Natural Wood Table Tops

Explore the technology behind StableTable®!

StableTable® Nouveau™

Gamla Rådhuset, Jönköping, SE 2 edited.jpg.jpg

StableTable® Nouveau at
Gamla Rådhuset, Jönköping, Sweden

See StableTable® pictures from customers around the world!

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