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"No more wobbly tables!"

The days of spilt drinks and manually adjusting wobbly tables with napkins and coasters are over! Since StableTable® was founded in Lund, Sweden 14 years ago, we have been on a mission to resolve the classic  problem of wobbly tables with our innovative and design oriented range of self-stabilising tables.


We invite you to learn more about StableTable® and promise that you will be astonished by the simplicity and ease of use we provide. Increase your customer satisfaction, drive sales through flexibility and reduce employee stress.


StableTable® was founded by entrepreneurs Lena Henningsson and Sven Henningsson and born out of an innovative idea to resolve the time old issue of wobbly tables. We have consistently maintained a large focus on high quality and always strive to provide an excellent customer experience when purchasing from us.


Today StableTable® is a world-patented innovation with several trademarked products in the portfolio and a leading producer of table bases for the hospitality industry. We are a Swedish manufacturer working globally with quality and design oriented furniture dealers for the hospitality industry.

StableTable self-stabilising tables in white at Balerian restaurant Vinäger in Visby, Sweden
StableTable® Classic™ at Vinäger, Visby, Sweden
Friends enjoying a beer at a StableTable self-stabilising table at Stortorget in Lund, Sweden
StableTable® Classic™ at Stortorget, Lund, Sweden


Creating timeless furniture

- that solves real problems 

Our vision is to enable our customers to focus on taking care of their customers, and not have to spend time on fixing wobbly tables.


StableTable® are patented, self-stabilising table bases for hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. It is a fully automatic system that needs no manual interaction. StableTable® manages unevenness of up to 2,5cm on carpet, tile, gravel, wood, inside and outside! 

True to our Swedish design ethos, form goes hand in hand with functionality. We offer a range of elegantly designed self-stabilising table bases to enable our customers to achieve their vision.


Flexible solutions thanks to control over production

Our table bases are produced in Sweden, a country known for furniture production and craftsmanship. This makes us unique, as most table bases sold in Europe today are imported from outside the EU.


Through our business model and closeness to the markets, we gain flexibility, speed, and full control of every step in the production chain. We minimise transportation of goods to customers all over Europe. Our products are produced in a state of the art production facility, adhering to the most rigorous production standards. All products are fully recyclable; efficient and sustainable.

Elegant and classic self-stabilising table inspired by French brasseries and bistros in Racing Green
StableTable® Nouveau™ in Racing Green

A profitable concept!

Wobbly tables, folded napkins under table legs, difficult adjustment screws and irritated guests are all but a memory. Regardless of where you place a table from StableTable® it will always find a steady position. The light tables can easily be moved around to rearrange seating and make the best use of your venue while reducing broken glasses and time spent on adjusting wobbly tables!

Problem solving - everywhere!

The problem with wobbly tables exists everywhere. It is obvious on cobble stone or paved areas, but can be equally frustrating on tiles or wooden floors. StableTable® automatically adjusts to any uneven ground up to 25mm and can be used indoor and outdoor!

100% self-stabilising and automatic

StableTable® is a globally unique solution to the problem of wobbly tables as it is the only 100% self-stabilising table which requires no manual adjustment whatsoever! No pushing, pulling, screwing or hydraulic oils! The patented solution sits hidden inside the central pillar, well protected from gravel, dirt and other damaging factors.

A flexible solution

With full control over the production process, we can easily accommodate to the needs of our customers! Beyond the standard colours and four standard heights we offer, StableTable® can be fully customised with regards to both height, colour and finish! Moreover, StableTable® can be fitted with any table top and be used with a large variety of table top sizes. Opening a world of possibilities when it comes to furnishing, design and ambience.

Where innovation meets design!

We believe function should go hand in hand with design. To meet the needs of our customers we have developed a full range of self-stabilising tables. Ranging from the timeless and versatile Classic™, to the French bistro inspired Nouveau™, the modern and edgy Rise™ and Extreme™ to withstand even the harshests seaside conditions.


Since StableTable® was founded in 2009, we have received global recognition and praise for the ingenuity behind our products and received some of the most prestigious awards in the hospitality industry!

See a selection below and hoover over the images to learn more about each prize.

StableTable winner of the Columbus trophy
StableTable self-stabilising tables winner of Hotelympia innovation awards
StableTable self-stabilising tables winner of Hostelco Innovations Award
StableTable self-stabilising tables winner of Gastron Parhaat
StableTable self-stabilising tables winner EquipHotel innovation award
StableTable självstabiliserande bord vinnare årets kroginteriör 2018
StableTable self-stabilising tables winner archiproducts design selection
StableTable wins columbus.jpeg
Trattoria Gamla Stan, Al Fresco 2s.jpg

StableTable® Classic™ at
Trattoria, Stockholm, Sweden

Explore more about our
self-stabilising table bases!

Explore the technology behind StableTable®!

NFC-072-77-1 legs close up on pier stone.jpg

StableTable® Nouveau™

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