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Curious to know how it works?
Explore the technology behind StableTable®!

StableTable® works because of the mechanical system inside the central pillar which allows two of the four legs of the base to move up and down. Thanks to the movability of two of the legs, StableTable® has the unique feature that it can manage both bumps and grooves in the ground and manage an impressive 25mm unevenness! When the table is placed on the ground, the legs automatically adjust, stabilise and locks into position to ensure stability. Once moved the system unlocks and readjusts to its new stable position – automatically and seamlessly. No need to push, pull, screw or otherwise manually adjust.


No hydraulic fluids, no valves that open and close, no springs or clutch mechanisms! No need to push, pull, lift or screw! Only a simple, mechanical system that sits well protected inside the central pillar. Sit or lean on the table and it will never budge or drop.


A unique feature of StableTable® is its ability to manage both elevations and descends in the ground. With a mechanical system placed inside the pillar, two of the cross legs can move up and down in a controlled movement managing up to 25mm of height differences.


Thanks to its unique solution, StableTable® automatically adjusts to any surface, be it cobblestone, tile, wooden floors or carpets. StableTable is not impacted by ice, snow or gravel and dirt. Simply place the table where you need it, and it automatically adjusts to a stable position.


StableTable® differs from most other products for the hospitality industry as they are protected by not only their design features but also by several patent families. This together with a globally registered brand helps create unique products for professional use.

StableTable CFC-070-64-1 Double fiting 120x70.JPG
StableTable® Classic™ at Kew Gardens, UK
NFC-072-77-1 legs close up on pier stone.jpg
StableTable® Nouveau™


Due to the automatic, self-stabilising functionality, the weight of the table base can be minimised while maintaining stability. Therefore the relatively light base of 7kg can easily be moved around. Once lifted the table automatically readjusts to its new stable position and is therefore a flexible option at venues where staff and customers wish to easily rearrange seating.

Why choose StableTable®?

  • Manages bumps AND grooves up to 25mm! 

  • Fully automatic - no manual adjustment! 

  • Fully locks into position - no bending or tilting!

  • No hydraulics, no valves, no bladders, no forced leg movements!

  • System sits well protected inside the center pillar away from dirt, gravel, rain and ice!

  • Produced in Sweden and ISO 9001 & 40001 certified!

We realise the list is long! But there's just so many great reasons to choose StableTable®!

  • For in- and outdoor use!

  • Full flexibility in height, colour and finish!

  • Works on any uneven ground, be it cobblestone, gravel, tile, wood, carpet!

  • No manual readjusting so customers can easily re-arrange seating and move tables around! 

  • Eliminate time spent on manually adjusting wobbly tables with napkins, screws or coasters!

  • Timeless, elegant and versatile design!

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Kew Gardens, Dealer the contract chair, photographer Andy Marshall, Classic, Nouveau,

StableTable® Classic™ at Kew Gardens,
UK.Photographer Andy Marshall, supplied by the Contract Chair Company

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