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At StableTable®, new ideas are constantly being born. On this page, you can always find the latest news, exciting developments, and information about ongoing projects. Stay updated to discover how StableTable® is improving dining experiences all

over the world!

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May 2024

StableTable® at World of Volvo 

An inspiring taste experience

World of Volvo offers a variety of dining concepts on different floors, where sustainability and flexibility are the main focus. Our StableTable® table bases, in both dinner height and lounge height, help create spaces that suit all the different areas. We are pleased to see that World of Volvo value innovation in their dining areas as well.

A visit to World of Volvo is a must for anyone who wants to explore the iconic Swedish car brand and its most classic vehicles. And when you are there, take the opportunity to enjoy lunch at our self-stabilising tables that are featured in their restaurants!

Location: World of Volvo, Gothenburg, Sweden

Product: StableTable® Classic™ Lounge height & Dinner height


At StableTable®, we take pride in being a Swedish company that values innovation, quality, and sustainability. We are especially proud to collaborate with other Swedish companies that share these values. One of our latest partnerships is with World of Volvo.

When innovation meets innovation

In February, StableTable® in collaboration with Götaplatsgruppen delivered a large number of tables to World of Volvo. This new experience center invites you to enjoy interactive exhibitions, entertaining events, and experiences. With its Scandinavian architecture and focus on aesthetics and creative spaces, World of Volvo is a dynamic place where people and ideas come together.

At World of Volvo, you can find StableTable® that blend with the classic Scandinavian architectural style.

April 2024

When Swedes brew up a beer garden table 

Give your beer garden guests a nice surprise, invest in self-stabilising tables that automatically stops all wobble and keep the beer in the glasses!

StableTable Beer Garden_2.jpg

StableTable® Nouveau™. Perfect for adding charm and stability to your beer garden.

The modern take on a beer garden table

Investing in self-stabilising tables for your beer garden ensures a more comfortable and better experience for your customers by eliminating wobbles and spilled drinks. Tables from StableTable® are not only durable and aesthetically pleasing but also reduce maintenance time since they automatically adjust to uneven surfaces, making them a smart investment for any beer garden.

Made in Sweden in a high-quality factory, the tables are built to last. That's why you can find them in beer gardens around the world. They come in various sizes and have foldable tops on demand. They are easy to handle, making it simple to set up, take down, and store during winter. And if you plan to keep your beer garden open during the winter, these tables are built to withstand outdoor conditions all year round.

StableTable® most popular beer garden tables 

Need help finding a StableTable® for your beer garden through any of our trusted dealers? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

StableTable Beer Garden_4.jpg
StableTable Beer Garden_3.jpg

March 2024

Why outdoor seating are key to your restaurant's success

A flexible solution for outdoor areas

Whether you're upgrading your current outdoor area, planning a new project, or expanding your product range, StableTable® has you covered. The innovative self-stabilising tables offer stability on any surface and are easy to rearrange during busy times. They’re also stackable and lockable, ensuring they’re secure overnight and easy to store.

Designed for the selective mind

We offer a wide selection of sizes, colours, and models to meet a wide range of style preferences and functional requirements. Make your outdoor dining area lively and welcoming with StableTable®. Our tables combine usefulness with style, ensuring your customers are happy from the moment they sit down.

Beirut Cafe, Al Fresco 2s.jpg
StableTable Al Fresco.jpeg

Have you ever considered the impact that an attractive outdoor seating area can have on your restaurant's success? Imagine boosting your sales by up to 30% by improving your outdoor area!

The secret of outdoor seating lies in the additional space it offers - more tables mean you can serve more guests, reduce waiting times, and potentially increase profits. Plus, a vibrant and busy patio is a great advertisement for your restaurant's popularity.

StableTable® Classic™ at Beirut Café, Stockholm, a a vibrant and busy outdoor space.

StableTable® Classic™ at the Ivy, UK.

August 2023

The Contract Chair Co. unveils new project at The Orangery, Kew Gardens!

The Orangery: An architectural gem

The Orangery at Kew Gardens, a breathtaking 18th-century architectural building, offers a mix of history with modern style. With high ceilings and large windows, it offers a beautiful view of the garden. Today, this large, open space serves as a restaurant and a place for events. It's perfect for everything from casual drink gatherings and cocktail parties to award ceremonies and business events.

A ​stable transformation, The Orangery's new look!

In the recent redesign project at The Orangery, The Contract Chair Co. has transformed the dining area by introducing furniture from StableTable®. A key element of this transformation is the self-stabilising table bases that ensure a wobbly-free environment. The dining area is now equipped with StableTable® Classic™ FlipTop™ tables. The possibility to flip the table tops makes them space-efficient which is a smart solution for dynamic spaces hosting multiple events. The venue is also furnished with StableTable® Nouveau™ lounge tables, perfect for guests who would prefer to sit down and chat over a cup of hot tea.

For anyone seeking a dining experience that is both unique and memorable, a visit to The Orangery is an absolute must!

Location: The Orangery Kew Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens, London, United Kingdom

Photographer: Andy Marshall, supplied by the Contract Chair Company

Product: StableTable® Classic™ 

In Kew Gardens, the impressive 18th-century building has been transformed into a stylish restaurant and event space for parties and weddings. Thanks to the collaboration with The Contract Chair Co., it now offers a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Photos from The Orangery at Kew Gardens.

June 2023

Nordic Furniture Art opens the doors to the Old Town Hall in Jönköping after renovation!

The historic 17th-century Old Town Hall in Jönköping, Sweden, has been transformed into a unique meeting place. Today, visitors can enjoy Danish smørrebrød in this beautifully renovated space.

StableTable® in the historic Old Town Hall restaurant​

Our StableTable® Nouveau™ tables have now found their place in the Old Town Hall of Jönköping, a historic 17th-century building. The restaurant serves as a key spot for gatherings and socialising. It offers guests the unique experience of enjoying Danish smørrebrød in a place where history and design meet.

Gamla Rådhuset, Jönköping, SE 2 edited.jpg.jpg

StableTable® Nouveau™ stays stable on any floor.

Gamla Rådhuset, Jönköping, SE 1 edited.jpg

Interior that matches the building's original style

Following its recent renovation, mindful of the building's heritage, the interior now has a fresh and contemporary look. In these renovated spaces, StableTable® Nouveau™ tables in black fit perfectly. The tables not only blend into the design but also ensure stability on the old building's brick floors. These tables work well on any surface, making them great for both indoor and outdoor use, whether on wood, tiles, concrete, or brick.


Whether you're trying Danish smørrebrød or sharing conversations at this historic venue, StableTable® will provide a smooth and pleasant experience!

Location: Gamla Rådhuset, Hovrättstorget 4, Jönköping, Sweden

Product: StableTable® Nouveau™

April 2023

Plateform shares a selection of photos from their recent projects in Portugal featuring StableTable®

Plateform has shared a selection of photos from their recent projects in Portugal. We are very happy to see StableTable® self-stabilising design at these places.

Interior that matches the restaurant's vision

One standout project is the collaboration with Honest Greens in Lisbon. Honest Greens, known for healthy, sustainable eating, has selected Lisbon for its first expansion outside Spain. The restaurant stands out for its commitment to sustainable, fresh, and plant-based food, coupled with an innovative touch that sets it apart. StableTable® Classic™ fits perfectly in their space, showing their commitment to quality and sustainability. The tables' technology ensures every meal is comfortable and wobble-free, a must in a setting where every detail is thoughtfully designed.