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At StableTable®, new ideas are constantly being born. On the projects & news page, you can always find the latest news, exciting developments, and information about our ongoing projects.

Stay updated with our latest news to discover how we're improving dining experiences with our innovative self-stabilising tables!

May 2024

When Swedes brew up a beer garden table 

The modern take on a beer garden table

Investing in self-stabilising tables for your beer garden outdoor area is a smart choice. From their durability and aesthetics, to the comfort and satisfaction they provide. StableTable® high-quality tables are ideal for any outdoor setting, regardless of weather conditions. With models available for all size of table tops, including very long, and with foldable tops on demand. There are no easier table to work with, lift in or out over night or store away over winter. 

Manufactured in Sweden in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified factory, the tables are built to the highest standards of quality and durability. That’s why they can be found in many beer gardens around the world! 

StableTable® most popular beer garden tables 

Give your beer garden guests a nice surprise – invest in self-stabilising tables from Sweden that automatically stops all wobble and keep the beer in the glasses.

Bindella 1.jpg

Need help finding a StableTable® for your beer garden through any of our trusted dealers? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

March 2024

Why outdoor spaces are key to business success

A flexible solution for outdoor areas

Whether you're planning to upgrade your outdoor area, or designing a project, or expanding your product range, StableTable® is at your service. The innovative self-stabilising tables offer stability on any surface and are easy to rearrange during peak hours. Their stackability and lockable features also ensure secure overnight storage.

Versatile choices for your outdoor space

We proudly offer an extensive selection of sizes, colors, and models to meet a wide range of style preferences and functional requirements. Turn your outdoor dining area into a vibrant, inviting space with StableTable®, where functionality meets style, and customer satisfaction is just a setup away.

Beirut Cafe, Al Fresco 2s.jpg
StableTable Al Fresco.jpeg

Are you aware of the impact that attractive outdoor seating can have on your business's sales? Imagine boosting your sales by up to 30%!

The secret lies in the additional space that outdoor seating provides - more tables mean you can serve more guests, reduce waiting times, and potentially increase profits. Plus, a vibrant and busy patio is a fantastic advertisement for your restaurant's popularity.

August 2023

The Contract Chair Co. unveils new project at The Orangery, Kew Gardens!

Location: The Orangery Kew Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens, London, United Kingdom

Photographer: Andy Marshall, supplied by the Contract Chair Company

Product: StableTable® Classic™ 

The Orangery at Kew Gardens, a breathtaking 18th-century architectural building, offers a mix of history with modern style. With its high ceilings and large windows, it offers beautiful views of the gardens. Today, this large, open space serves as a restaurant and a place for events. It's perfect for everything from casual drink gatherings and cocktail parties to award ceremonies and business events. Whether you're looking for a breakfast, or just some coffee and cake, it's a great place near London to enjoy a lovely setting.

In the recent redesign project at The Orangery, The Contract Chair Co. has upgraded the dining area by introducing products from StableTable®. This upgrade has improved the comfort and the ambiance for the guests. A key element of this transformation is the integration of StableTable® self-stabilising table bases, which provide stability and eliminate the problem of wobbly tables. The dining area has been thoughtfully furnished with StableTable® Classic™ FlipTop™ dining tables. The ability to flip the table tops makes them space-efficient which is a smart solution for dynamic spaces where numerous events take place. The space is also furnished with StableTable® Nouveau™ FlipTop™ lounge tables, perfect for guests who would prefer to sit down and chat over a cup of hot tea.

For anyone seeking a dining experience that is both unique and memorable, a visit to The Orangery is an absolute must!

June 2023

Nordic Furniture Art opens the doors to the Old Town Hall in Jönköping after renovation!

Location: Gamla Rådhuset, Hovrättstorget 4, Jönköping, Sweden

Product: StableTable® Nouveau™

Our StableTable® Nouveau™ tables have now found their place in the Old Town Hall of Jönköping, a historic 17th-century building located at Hovrättstorget. The restaurant serves as a key spot for gatherings and socialising. It offers guests the unique experience of enjoying Danish smørrebrød in a space where history and modern design meet, creating a memorable dining atmosphere.

Following its recent renovation, mindful of the building's heritage, the interior now has a fresh and contemporary look. In these renovated spaces, StableTable® Nouveau tables in black fit perfectly. The tables not only enhance the room with their modern elegance but also ensure stability on the old building's brick floors. Designed to perform seamlessly on any surface, these tables are versatile for both indoor and outdoor settings, whether on wood, tiles, concrete, or brick. They automatically adjust without manual intervention, guaranteeing a steady and wobble-free dining experience.

At this historic venue, guests can appreciate the beauty of 17th-century architecture while enjoying the comfort and steadiness of our modern tables. Whether you're trying Danish smørrebrød or sharing conversations, StableTable® provide a smooth and pleasant experience.

Gamla Rådhuset, Jönköping, SE 2 edited.jpg.jpg
Gamla Rådhuset, Jönköping, SE 1 edited.jpg

April 2023

Plateform shares a selection of photos from their recent projects in Portugal featuring StableTable®

Location: Portugal

Product: StableTable® Classic™

Plateform has shared a selection of photos from their recent projects in Portugal. We're very happy to see StableTable® enhancing these venues with its self-stabilising design, perfectly fitting into a variety of settings.

Among these, the collaboration with the restaurant Honest Greens in Lisbon stands as a highlight. Honest Greens, a leader in healthy, sustainable eating, has selected Lisbon for its first expansion outside Spain. The restaurant stands out for its commitment to sustainable, fresh, and plant-based foods, coupled with an innovative touch that sets it apart. StableTable® Classic™ is a natural fit in their space, reflecting their commitment to quality and sustainability. The technology behind the tables ensures that every meal is enjoyed in comfort, without the problem of wobbly tables – a must in a setting where every detail is thoughtfully designed.

Besides Honest Greens, Plateform has introduced StableTable® to other aesthetically pleasing projects in Portugal, including the elegant restaurants Ribalta and ALMA. These venues show the adaptability of StableTable® Classic™  and how it fits into different styles of restaurants, from charming al fresco dining areas to elegant fine dining establishments.

March 2023

StableTable® Classic™ at Hotel Noble House

Location: Hotel Noble House, Per Weijersgatan 6, Malmö, Sweden

Photographer: Jan Malmström

Product: StableTable® Classic™

Photographer Jan Malmström captured these warm and inviting photos from Taverna at Hotel Noble House in Malmö, Sweden. With its relaxed and social atmosphere, Taverna in central Malmö is a popular spot both for locals and guests of the hotel to enjoy after work drinks or a slice of pizza a la "Taverna Style".  

In the photos, you'll see the StableTable® Classic™ in a cozy setting. These tables automatically self-stabilise, eliminating wobbles without the need for folded napkins or manual adjustments. This innovative technology not only guarantees stability on various floor types but also makes it easier to rearrange the seating layout, optimizing space and service efficiency, especially during peak hours. For instance, you can put together two, three, or more tables to accommodate larger groups. And if only two guests arrive, simply separate the tables by 10-15 cm to instantly create intimate settings for two.


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