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StableTable Noveau at
Kyrkogatan 5, Lund, Sweden

Table Bases

Self-stabilising tables for indoor and outdoor use. Available in Dinner/Café, Counter, Cocktail/Bar and Lounge height. Produced in pre-treated steel before being powder coated in full UV-proof paints and annealed to provide the best possible protection against wear. We offer a range of curated colours or you can fully customise your StableTable in any RAL colour. 

Classic to fit in anywhere, Extreme to withstand everything, Nouveau inspired by classic French brasseries and introducing Rise for the bold, modern venue.

All table bases are available either as FlexCross or FlipTop.

Press respective image to open the product leaflet for each base.

StableTable are fully automatic self-stabilising tables, no manual adjustment!


StableTable® Classic™ in a modern and discrete design. Timeless and versatile to blend in to any establishment, from Al Fresco restaurants to busy food halls. The table design follows the traditional cross-leg shape and fits just as well with a small café size table top as a large size dining top. With its full range of heights and sizes the Classic product family gives you the flexibility to design according to your needs and dreams.

StableTable are fully automatic self-stabilising tables, no manual adjustment!


StableTable® Nouveau is a self-stabilising design table steeped in tradition. With soft curves, understated Scandinavian appeal and contemporary lines, the new table stands out as a design classic. Nouveau was developed to meet the aesthetic needs of modern cafés, bistros, bars and restaurants seeking a table base inspired by the classic bistro and brasserie silhouette, updated for contemporary environments.

StableTable are fully automatic self-stabilising tables, no manual adjustment!


StableTable® Rise™ is a self-stabilising design table crafted in modern ambition. With high rising and triangular legs and a sleek silhouette for modern restaurateurs, designers and architects looking for straightforward, sharp lines to keep the furniture in tune with clean, industrial, architecture and design. With its bold design statement, light features and distinct lines, Rise helps create refined venues with an elegant feel. 

StableTable are fully automatic self-stabilising tables, no manual adjustment!


StableTable® Extreme™ is produced in raw, unpolished, 316L marine quality stainless steel. A table base made to withstand environments with harsh conditions that place large demands on quality and durability. Choose Extreme for outdoor use in areas of high corrosion such as close to the waterfront where there is salt water, in the harbour or in the mountains. Designed with soft, warm colour reflections and a classic cross-lag shape with rectangular corners. Available in raw, unpolished metal.

Flexibility to meet your needs

StableTable are unique not only thanks to their self-stabilising functionality, but also in their flexibility! 

Classic Dinner, Poseur, Lounge heights.jpg

Available in four standard heights, and can made to order

As standard our table bases come in four heights, lounge (50cm), dining (72cm), bar (90cm or 108cm). Moreover, we can easily customise the height of your table base produce them in any height you want at our factory in Sweden! 

StableTable are fully automatic self-stabilising tables, no manual adjustment!

Table bases for all sizes of table tops

We have developed self-stabilising tables for a large range of table top sizes. 120x70cm or 120cm in the diameter is the largest size one Classic table base can hold. For tabletops longer than 120cm you can use two or more table bases together.

FlexCross™ or FlipTop™

Table bases with FlexCross™ comes with a fixed cross and is fitted with the EasyLock wire system for safer storage. 


FlipTop™ is a high-quality flip top mechanism that allows the table top to flip 90 degrees. This makes the tables stackable, compact to store and easy to lift in and out. Flip top is available for large table tops up to 100cm in diameter or 80x80cm. For larger table tops two flip top mechanisms can be used together. As an added accessory pack, FlipTop™ is available with a handle for easier carrying and two hooks for hanging handbags or jackets on. 

A range of 15 curated colour styles... and the option to fully customise the colour!

StableTable offers a selection of standard colours available for Classic, Nouveau and Rise*. Be inspired by our colour styles or customise the colour of your StableTable to achieve a personal and different look. Thanks to our unique coating system, we can produce the same high quality finish in any RAL colour for in- or outdoor use!

*Extreme is only available in stainless steel. 

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