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Not an ordinary table

Everyone has experienced a wobbly table. Thanks to StableTable®, those problems are now a thing of the past!

StableTable® self-stabilising tables are designed to bring stability to the hospitality industry through their unique patented technology. The tables adjust to bumps and grooves on any surface and automatically manage height differences up to 25 mm. No more wobbly table!

StableTable® Classic at ALMA, Portugal.


Why choose StableTable®?

100% self-stabilising symbol.png

100% self-stabilising

Award-winning self-stabilising tables that require NO manual adjustment.

Fully automatic, even when guests move the tables

Stackability symbol.png

With no need to push, pull or force into

place the tables self-adjust even when

guests start moving the table around.

Stackable & space-saving

StableTable® with the FlipTop™ mechanism makes folding, moving, and storing easy.

bumos and grooves symbol_edited_edited.p

Manages bumps and grooves up to 25 mm

The legs automatically adjust to both

grooves and bumps and manage height differences up to 25 mm.

weather_symbol black.png

For in- or outdoor use, all year around

The tables work equally well on cobblestone, tiled, or uneven floors, both indoors and outdoors.

Hook & Handle

StableTable® can be equipped with hook & handle. It is perfect for hanging bags and the handle makes it easy to move the table around.

Where to find StableTable®?

StableTable® is available worldwide through

quality-focused dealers in over 30 countries.

Self-stabilising tables for restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels.

NFC-072-77-1 legs close up on pier stone.jpg

The technology behind StableTable®

StableTable® is a unique self-stabilising table with a patented, fully automatic system. With two fixed and two self-adjusting legs well protected inside the center pillar, the tables effortlessly adapt to grooves, bumps, and height differences up to 25 mm. Ideal for cobblestone, tiled or uneven floors, both indoors and outdoors.

Kew Gardens, Dealer the contract chair, photographer Andy Marshall, Classic, Nouveau,

Where design meets function

Wobbly tables can be a source of frustration for most people, but for StableTable®, they served as a source of motivation. With a vision to improve the dining experience worldwide, the self-stabilising table was created.  True to Swedish design, StableTable® offers self-stabilising table bases that seamlessly combine design and functionality, perfect for hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafés.

StableTable® at Kew Gardens, UK.
Photographer Andy Marshall, supplied by the Contract Chair Company.

Every table has a story, find your design with us!

StableTable Classic at Hotel Noble House, Malmö, Sweden

StableTable® Classic™

StableTable® Classic™ features a Scandinavian design that fits perfectly in any setting, from Al Fresco restaurants to busy food halls. 

With a full range of heights and sizes (Lounge, Dinner/Café, Counter, Bar), StableTable® offers the flexibility to meet your specific needs and preferences.

StableTable® Nouveau™

A self-stabilising table, merging tradition with modern design.

StableTable® Rise™

A self-stabilising table, crafted with modern ambition.

StableTable® Extreme™

A self-stabilising table, created for durability in all conditions.

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Arquitectos y Diseñadores:


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Customise your table with flexible design options

Kew Gardens, Dealer the contract chair, photographer Andy Marshall, Classic, Nouveau,

StableTable® at Kew Gardens, UK.
Photographer Andy Marshall, supplied by the Contract Chair Company.

High quality table tops, for in- and outdoor use

Explore the unique collection StableTable® OnTop™ Compact Laminate (HPL) table tops. Weather and UV-proof, available in a range of standard sizes and colours.

Offered in four standard heights

As standard, the table bases are available in four heights: lounge (50cm), dining (72cm), and bar (90cm or 108cm). Additionally, customised options tailored to specific needs are available, all crafted at the factory in Sweden!

Marienburg, Monheim Germany - StableTable Nouveau 1200x1500_edited.jpg

StableTable® Nouveau™ at Marienburg, Germany.

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