Distinct Scandinavian designs

Classic to fit in anywhere and Extreme to withstand everything and Nouveau to meet the Bistro customers needs!​


StableTable Classic is adjusted for usage both in- and outdoors all year around under normal conditions. StableTable Classic is produced in steel that is pre-treated before being powder coated in full UV-proof paints  and annealed to provide the best possibel protection against wear.


StableTable Nouveau  StableTable Nouveau, are design tables where Swedish innovation met classic architecture and tradition and where something magic happend and timeless furniture - solving real problems - were created.

StableTable Extreme is produced in raw unpolished marine quality stainless steel that can withstand harsh conditions and at the same time is a very well designed with its soft warm colour reflections. Because of this, StableTable Extreme has become very popular, not only where the qualities of stainless steel is needed but also in older/classic  environments where design is important.

StableTable Classic with FlexCros

StableTable Classic

​StableTable Classic

​StableTable Classic is a discretely designed table for both indoor and outdoor use under normal conditions.StableTable Classic is available in Dinner/Café, Counter, Cocktail/Bar and Lounge height. It comes in black as standard but is also availabel in a number of up to date colours. The design is typical modern Scandinavian and blends perfectly in to any establishment.

StableTable Nouveau
StableTable Nouveau with FlipTop
StableTable Nouveau

with its soft curves, understated Scandinavian appeal and updated contemporary lines, the new table stands out as a designclassic. The concept has been developed to meet the aesthetic needs of modern cafés, bistros, bars and restaurants. True to our Swedish design heritage, form goes hand in hand with functionality and the softly curved legs stand firmly in place thanks to the unique, patented StableTable technology inside. 

IMG_3747 maskad.png

StableTable Extreme

StableTable Extreme

StableTable Extreme is exactly as the name says, a table base to be used in the harbour, in the mountians, or anywhere where the condintions are harsh. The unique table base in unpolished stainless steel blends seamless in to any environment.Choose Extreme for outdoor use in areas of high corrosion such as close to the waterfront where there is salt water or in any classic setting whith high aestethic demands.

StableTable FlipTop
Unique features adjust to your needs
StableTable EasyLock is a system that makes it easier to secure the tables whe stored overnight.
StableTableFlexCros is our wow top cross that manaes micromovements on wood and compiste tops ans ensre that the screws are pulled out.
Colours to match your design
Colours to match your design

Ambience is created with design and supported by colours. A unique feature is our coating system that allows us to produce the same high quality paint in almost any RAL colour you can imagine. As standard ours tables are Black but we always also have a series of up to date standard colours available. And special request for colours for in-_or outdoor use can normally easily be handled.

Flexibility that meets your needs
StableTable for all heights

StableTable are not only unique in their function they are also flexibel like no other table bases.

As standard they come in coffe table, dining, counter and poseur height but as we produce all our bases in Sweden, we can produe them in any height you want



Table bases for all sizes of table tops

Do you have special demands for table tops? We have developed self-adjustingn table bases for all key sizes of table tops and with the  ability to adjust both the colour and height we have an unparalleld flexibiility to provide you with the correct size table base for your need.