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StableTable Stortorget testimonial

”Wobbly tables are a huge problem for us, as for all restaurants in a city like Lund, with its quaint cobbled squares and streets”, says Thomas Persson, co-owner of the immensely popular restaurant Stortorget. Just before the summer, he replaced all the outdoor tables with new, steady tables from StableTable. After the summer, the decision was made to exchange all indoor tables as well. ‘StableTable is not only for the outdoor area, even if that is probably where the biggest benefits can be made. There is no such thing as an even floor. Prior to the introduction of StableTable, we were adjusting tables all the time.’
Stortorget is a given meeting place in Lund, well renowned for its good food, relaxed environment, great atmosphere and good music. Guests come for lunch, afternoon coffees and teas, for dinner or a late drink at the bar. As the restaurant changes its appearance many times every day and night, countless adjustments of the seating area and furniture placement have to be made.
‘Moving the tables around has to be done in no time. We should simply never have to crawl around the floor to adjust screws. In a restaurant where customer care is the centre of attention, self stabilising tables are a clear bonus. In addition, they help us make a concrete saving in terms of working hours every single day of the year!’
Tomas Persson
Restaurateur, Stortorget Restaurang, Bar och Café

​​’The day when you came by and showed us StableTable was the best day of the year’, says Björn Stenbeck enthusiastically. ‘Our savings, in terms of reduced working hours, have been tremendous. In the morning, all we have to do is simply to put out the tables in the cobble stoned seating area outside the restaurant. And should the guests move the tables around during the day, it no longer matters!’


Salt&brygga is a restaurant out of the ordinary. The chefs add a multicultural touch by taking inspiration from the Mediterranean kitchen, while keeping their roots firm in the local tradition. Food and drink of supreme quality standards is offered to the guests. At the same time, the restaurant takes a conscious and active stand on the environmental aspects of their business. All waste is sorted and all organic waste is ground and converted to biogas, which makes the restaurant self sufficient in energy. Ingredients are largely sourced locally; the blankets are made from ecologically produced wool and the furniture is recyclable. StableTable, which is manufactured in the nearby district of Småland, and which is fully recyclable, fits well with the line of thought at Salt & brygga. ‘We have adopted aholistic approach, derived from nature – for body and soul!’, as Björn puts it.​

Björn Stenbeck
Founder and owner, Salt & Brygga, Västra Hamnen, Malmö

StableTable, Salt 6 Brygga testimonial
StableTable for both in- and outdoor usage

Sands Bakficka is a great place to meet all year around with its beautiful location by the bustling harbour in Båstad. Enjoy the hearty homemade fare or a classic Danish Smörrebröd (open sandwich), against the back-drop of the magnificent view of the harbour and sea.

‘I was amazed to realise how light the tables are’, says Lotta Olson. ‘But of course there is no need for that extra weight, as the tables stand in a stable position anyway. We move our tables around continuously in order to adapt the seating to different groups of guests, and really appreciate the ease of working with StableTable. We first bought the tables for our terrace, where we have a wooden deck. Soon enough we decided to change to StableTable indoors as well, giving us further flexibility and a much better working environment.’

Lotta Olson
Manager, Sands Bakficka, Båstad

Abbekås Hamnkrog is a restaurant and meeting place thought out to make everyone feel welcome and at ease. A place where time is generously spent cooking, but equally enjoying the food - and the company. A place to enjoy the good things of life!
‘Selecting furniture for the lawn and naturally paved seating area by the harbour, I really only had one option – StableTable. No other tables would have been feasible in this “impossible”, but at the same time absolutely wonderful and unique, outdoor environment.
People say I have the gift of the gab, but I when it comes to StableTable I find it hard to find the right words. The tables are amazing, and both guests and staff alike are quite taken aback!’
Lotta Mellberg Holm
Restaurateur, Abbekås Hamnkrog, Abbekås

Perfect tables for a perfect place
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