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StableTable adds value and saves cost
Stable Tables - A Profitable Concept!

Wobbly tables, folded napkins under table legs, difficult adjustment screws and irritated guests are all but a memory. StableTable is a new, patented, solution which automatically adjusts the table to any uneven surface. Regardless of where you place a table from StableTable it will always find a steady position. No added weight is needed. On the contrary, the light tables can easily be moved around to create extra or differently arranged seating. Make the best use of the seating area, while reducing both the number of working hours and broken glasses!

StableTable Solves the problem of wobbly tables everywhere!
Problem Solving - Everywhere!

The problem with wobbly tables exists everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. It is obvious on cobble stones or paved areas, but can be equally frustrating on tiles or wooden floors. Having to adjust wobbly tables and not being able to freely arrange the seating area, is a waste of valuable time and reduces efficiency.
StableTable is a flexible solution which offers benefits in all environments, doing so with style and flair. The classic design of the patented stand can be combined with any choice of table top to create a welcoming and unique atmosphere.

StableTable helps create the restaurant you want
Smart Solutions - Increased Flexibility!

StableTable opens a world of possibilities when it comes to furnishing, design and ambience. The patented solution is hidden inside the pillar and the table base comes in several heights, sizes and colours. Every StableTable base has the same unique stability and flexibility, whether you choose a bar table, coffee shop table, dining table or lounge table.
Extra sturdy designs are available for use in particularly demanding environments.

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