StableTable is a patented solution to the classical problem with tables that wobble. It is a fully automatic system that needs no manually interaction. Place the table where you want it and it automatically stabilizes by adjusting and looking its legs. Move it somewhere else and it automatically readjusts to the new place.With a mechanical construction inside the pillar, two of the cross legs and their movement is controlled. As soon as equilibrium has been achieved, the construction automatically looks itself. When the table is lifted, the system automatically unlocks itself again and you can be place the table where you want and iot will again stabilize itself!


One outstanding feature in the StableTable system is that it can be used on any type of surface and it works fully automatically every time.
Finally you have a table that you can move and place exactly where you want it! On carpet, tile, wood, inside or outside StableTable will manage unevennesss of up to 2,5 cm.

Even if StableTable has adjustable feet just like most other tables, you should never adjust these but always keep them screwed to the bottom. They are only there to protect the surface and create some friction.

​Why StableTable

•Fully self-adjusting

​•Fully automatic
​•No hydraulics, no valves, no bladders

•More seats
•Easier to arrange seating

​•Increased revenue
•Lowers cost

•Less stressed empolyees


•Works on any uneven Surface

•Manages both bumps and groves

•Controls height differences of up to 20-25mm

•System sits protected inside the centre pillar

 away from dirt, gravel, rain and ice.

​•Both for in- and outdoors
•Increased flexibility
•Saves time
•More satisfied customers

StableTable is a registered Trademark of Hedera AB