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​​StableTable - Unique self-stabilising tables.

​- Place any StabeTable on uneven ground in- or outside and it will automatically adjust and never wobble!
“Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried”
Thomas Jefferson 
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”​
Steve Jobs
"The biggest thing to happen to the table since the table!"
Rise Up!

StableTable introduces the new design table Rise with upright, forward-looking design for modern designers and architects. With its clear bold design-statement it helps create modern restaurants with a warm and smart look.

StableTable reaches new heights! 

We are introducing the 90 cm counter height for all our tables. This adds more design opportunities when using StableTable tables and allows you more freedom to design your favourite restaurant.

FlexCross or FlipTop - It's your choice.

From 2020 all StableTable tables are available with either FlipTop (folding) or FlexCross (fixed). A great step forward as you now can find the exact right table base for each table top size. No need to compromise!  

StableTable in Corona times.
We are open as usual and are ready to help with fast deliveries.
StableTable is presented by Archiproducts in conjunction with the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Follow the link and read more about our new products that we show at SFL

StableTable wins Innovation SMART award at Host 2019

At the Host show in Milano, StableTable won the Innovation SMART award in competition with 270 other companies! This is not our first award, but we always appreciate the recognition of our hard work!

Kew Gardens new restaurant

The Pavilion Bar and Grill at RBG Kew will open its doors for the first time on 13 May 2019, after an ambitious two-year redevelopment. 


And just as at the Orangerie at RGB Kew the new restaurant is fitted with self-stabilisng tables from StableTable.

StableTable Nouveau - der neue Bistrotisch

Jetzt auch auf deutsch!

Steeped in tradition - StableTable Nouveau

The all-new StableTable® Nouveau is a design table steeped in tradition.
With its soft curves, understated Scandinavian appeal and up- dated contemporary lines, the new table stands out as a design  classic. True to our Swedish design heritage, form goes hand in hand with functionality. StableTable® Nouveau is self-stabilising and automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces.

StableTable OnTop Natural Woods

Is a new range of wood tops in Oak, Walnut, Olive tree plus a range of exclusive tops made of reused wine barrels. (click the orange link to read more)

StableTable wins first price at Horecatel, Belgium.

1er : pour la StableTable - 

La solution "StableTable" et son brevet unique équilibre automatiquement les tables sur n'importe quelle surface, à l'intérieur ou à l'extérieur. Aucun ajustement manuel n'est nécessaire. Entièrement automatique, les pieds de table s'adaptent à toutes les surfaces inégales et gèrent des différences de hauteur jusqu'à 25 mm.

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